Qwyksilver Colloidal Silver Generator



This complete colloidal silver generator kit contains everything you need to make fresh, bioavailable colloidal silver within minutes for pennies per serving. The antimicrobial properties of silver has been known about for centuries. The Qwyksilver Generator refines and condenses that body of knowledge into a fast and easy method. Simple instructions are included. This is the same colloidal silver generator that has been made famous by Dr. R. Barry King, PhD, who has served as a special consultant on many Department of Energy National Expert Panels, and who has managed the Water Quality Laboratory at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Research Center and Environmental Monitoring Support Laboratory. Dr. R. Barry King was a senior faculty member who taught the Environmental Health and Safety program at the Central New Mexico Community College in addition to biotechnology in the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of New Mexico, where he remains on Adjunct Faculty.


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